Monday, January 17, 2005

Be Free

I sit here on a late night lit by candle light
Listening to music and searching for you
So far away

Every thought leads to you
A beautiful place to imagine what could be
If I were free to feel my heart

Year’s have past and I feel
I’ve stood still
Frozen in a moment’s decision
Of how it’s going to be

But now I’m thinking that maybe
Life’s more than just a decision
Made so many years ago

Please forgive me if I don’t know
The reason why
I tried to do what I could do

To be the man I thought I’d be
I’m not sure what I knew
You’d be the one and we'd
Live for another day

I’m not sure what it was that made me feel that way
The way I feel today
Life’s a journey you're along for the ride
Hope you’ve lived before you die

Wake up one day and wonder what you’ve been liven for
Just to realize you’ve been dying for so many years
For everyone that seemed to matter
It was just you having your way

It’s a pity when you've realized
It was all a throw away

I’m sorry for the pain and pleasure
Caused through the years

For all the things said and done
When it was all just for fun

Growing older and still don’t know
What I knew or why I did what I’ve done

Trying to figure where the love is
To see what matters in a life so pretty
It’s the you in me that I can’t set free

So have the life I couldn’t know
Be set free

You’re the better one


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