Monday, January 17, 2005

Be Free

I sit here on a late night lit by candle light
Listening to music and searching for you
So far away

Every thought leads to you
A beautiful place to imagine what could be
If I were free to feel my heart

Year’s have past and I feel
I’ve stood still
Frozen in a moment’s decision
Of how it’s going to be

But now I’m thinking that maybe
Life’s more than just a decision
Made so many years ago

Please forgive me if I don’t know
The reason why
I tried to do what I could do

To be the man I thought I’d be
I’m not sure what I knew
You’d be the one and we'd
Live for another day

I’m not sure what it was that made me feel that way
The way I feel today
Life’s a journey you're along for the ride
Hope you’ve lived before you die

Wake up one day and wonder what you’ve been liven for
Just to realize you’ve been dying for so many years
For everyone that seemed to matter
It was just you having your way

It’s a pity when you've realized
It was all a throw away

I’m sorry for the pain and pleasure
Caused through the years

For all the things said and done
When it was all just for fun

Growing older and still don’t know
What I knew or why I did what I’ve done

Trying to figure where the love is
To see what matters in a life so pretty
It’s the you in me that I can’t set free

So have the life I couldn’t know
Be set free

You’re the better one

Monday, January 03, 2005


Ocean Swirls

I’ve placated
And conciliated
For all the reasons
I couldn’t comprehend

It was madness
Through all the sadness
Regardless of the dream
I was justified
At least it seemed

Black pearls
And ocean swirls
Rising from above
With dancing girls
And rocket ships

I paid my money
Thought that was funny
But I was damned pleased
I was loaded and ready
And took the shot

To have had chance
At sweat romance
To get back down
On bended knee

Step back for now
I'll show you how
To live a life of dreams
A little town of oblivion
In the state of nothingness
Next to a stream

Sunday, January 02, 2005

True Friend

I danced with the Devil
And leaned on God
Found salivation
And his rapture odd

Listened to you
To hear what you’d say
But you were lonely too
Trying to find your way

Warmed by the Son
A gift from above
A sacrifice for me
Displaying true love

Stand as I am
Just a simple man
A true purpose
Some inspiration please

The bored routine
Of each day
Little solitude
Ticking away

Quite awhile
Since we’ve been together
Hope to see you soon
I know you, I do
Please remember too

It’s not that Important

Today’s a lazy crazy day
With people dieing and crying
A world away

We all got our troubles
But they don’t mean a thing
Our same old stories
With all the glory
It’s sad as Hell how we live In the world today

Preoccupations you can’t move past
Your own little prison
Is your closest friend
Who knows you best
You feel you’ve earned your scares
Along the way

While others need drugs
It’s their only vision
You should bleed some sorrow
Some reds and some blues
For the weak who
Really can’t speak

Live a life, a good one
In a good way
Your expectations manifested
In subtle ways

Nobody owes you
But you feel that way
You’re self-absorbed
In your little play house
You’re human, I guess
In your own weird way

Try to care and
Feel their pain
Do something for others
So you can live at last
And free yourself from
Your limited past

Mercer County Baseball Tournament

Catherine McCormack, from the movie Braveheart

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Walk Away, A Teenager's Journey

Step by step, a walk away
Happy Times, maybe a good day
Anger more than Joy
Guiding your way
Always just a walk away

Once happy and filled with Joy
Remembered from a distant past
A time of conviction, a look within
A realization of what was lost
Happiness and joy tendered for
Things in youth that seem to matter

You stop to think but don’t know why
Both lost in a blink of your eye
Searching to find them again
A life in transition, you are not alone
A road to your future you must choose

In your journey you’ll walk miles
Don’t forget to enjoy each moment,
the many gifts you have
God granted just to you
These as are your tools to find your way
Always just a walk away

Human Experience

  • Perfection, unto itself, is not a worthy goal or pursuit
  • Never except the status quo
  • Recognize the essence of life lies in the easy as well as the difficult times in our life’s
  • Always seek challenge for ourselves through life’s many and diverse offerings
  • Do not focus on self as the final goal, but to truly live through the value imparted to others
  • Question your motives and desires before questioning others
  • Speak your mind with the purpose of improving yourself, but not at the expense of others
  • Recognize the human experience as the great equalizer
  • Recognize that the quality of human experience depends on our caretaking for the animals, plants and natural resources of our world
  • Recognize it is our nature to take things for granted, and we will, and the human experience will suffer …